With the imminent release of their new single ‘Follow Me Down‘, Melbourne five-piece Phoenix Day reinvent themselves, rising from the ashes of everything that came before to make a mark on the Australian music scene.

Formed in 2015, Phoenix Day came to life from the personal collaboration of brothers Christian, Julian, and Markus Meyer, later bringing vocalist Dave Cousins and guitarist Luke Sciberras into the fold to create a versatile and dynamic sound which is heard on the debut EP ‘We Are All The Same’ and follow- up single ‘Stronger’.

Following a hiatus in 2017 spurred from the departure of vocalist Dave, the band found new blood and life with Alex Dedecius who has brought a new angst and heavy element that sparked the rebirth and new chapter of Phoenix Day.


This new chapter ensures a unique energy underpinned by huge choruses, layered guitars, and an understated rhythmic complexity.


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